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3 Types to choose from:




Ultrasonic Scaling


Ultrasonic Scaling

Super Sonic

Scaling Handpiece

Beaver Deluxe Pic.jpg
Vector Ultrasonic Scaling Piezo Tech Scaler EMS Satelec NSK
Super Sonic Air Scaler Scaling Vector KAVO Multiflex
Lil' Beaver Deluxe, Lil' Beaver Classic & Beaver Elite


  • All units fit both 25K (long) and 30K (short) ultrasonic inserts - no adapter or switch, unit automatically adjusts to accommadate any style, brand or freguency.

  • Conveneint front-mounted water control with large easy-to-adjust dial (Classic) or button (Deluxe & Elite)

  • Turbo boost, 2 position foot pedal - press lightly for regular dial power, press firmly for TURBO! Heavy calculus watch out!

  • Digital power adjustment with LED lit power display panel.

  • Front mounted main power switch - shutting the unit off when left unattended just got a whole lot easier.

  • All aluminum housing for improved durability. No more plastic to stain, crack or break.

  • Lil' Beaver Deluxe & Classic: Lies flat or mounts vertically in provided vertical mounting stand for optimal counter space saving. Fits almost anywhere!

  • Beaver Elite 2.0: Dual self contained bottle with on-board pump. No water supply needed - just plug in and go!

  • Beaver Elite 2.0: Selector switch allows the user to switch from bottle A to bottle B, doubling the amount of water or allowing one bottle to be filled with an irrigant.

  • Beaver Elite 2.0: Easily refill bottles using the flip-top lid or remove the bottle and the no-leak stopper prevents solutions from leaking onto the counter or floor.

Piezo Technologies


3 Mode Deluxe Digital Piezo Scaler

  • General: Standard variable output for supragingival scaling.

  • Perio: Preset reduced power setting for optimum patient comfort.

  • Endo: Reduces the power to allow for functionality with most endo procedures.



Your choice of handpiece style

  • EMS

  • Satelec / NSK



NOW with LED Handpiece!



What works best with your practice?

  • Connect to city water source

  • Self-contained water

  • Built-in Unit

  • LED and non LED

  • Units, handpieces and tips are compatible with what you are currently using.




Super Sonic Air Scaler


Vector's new SUPER SONIC Scaling technology provides almost 3 times the power of traditional air scalers!




The worlds most powerful, highest frequency air scaler - now connects to KaVo MUTLIflex swivel connectors!


New advaced SUPER SONIC 17,000 Hz technology provides the most power of any air scaler on the market.


Get "Cavitron" type power with the convenience of an air scaler without the risk to elderly patients with pace-makers.

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