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 Prophy Handpieces:

3 to choose from...


VECTOR MICROLite Prophy Handpiece


MICROLite - The Ultimate Mini-Prophy Handpiece!


  • ULTRA-Small!

  • ULTRA-Light!


Prophy style lowspeed handpiece!


ONLY 3 1/2 Inches!

1/2 the size of a traditional lowspeed handpiece!

Vector ERGO-TORQUE Handpiece Prophy Polisher 5,000 rpm Lowspeed


ERGO-TORQUE II Deluxe Lowspeed Motor.


  • Durable stainless steel construction.

  • Built-in, attached, swivel nosecone to reduce hand fatique and improve access to all areas of the oral cavity.

  • Positive twist lock chuck mechanism hold burs and mandrels securely for higher torque operations like acrylic adjustment and polishing (more than just for prophy's)

  • 5,000 rpm motor - the perfect speed for prophys and can do the job for most routine adjustments as well as finishing and polishing.

  • 4 hold standard connectin

  • 1 year warranty.

GATOR-torque - XTC
Vector GATOR-Torque XTC 5,000 rpm Prophy Polisher Handpiece Cup

Compare to Midwest RHINO!

GATOR-torque - XTC


Incredible versatility

Gator torque motor accepts all MIDWEST Shorty and Rhino lowspeed contra angles and attachments



5,000 rpm Motor

Perfect speed for prophy's when using the prophy adapter but can accept a standard nose cone or contra angle to perform operative procedures. Compare to Midwest Rhino.


Light-Weight design

Lighter and shorter than our competitors motors. Fits comfortably in your hand to reduce hand fatigue and strain.

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