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 Fiber Optic System & Tubing:

Vector Highspeed Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Lamp Control

Variable Voltage!

While any 6 pin coupler will fit any 6 pin fiberoptic tubing, each manufacturer uses

a slightly different voltage (KaVo and Vector, Star Dental, NSK, Etc. are all different). The Vector Vari-Volt system allows the technician to set the

appropriate voltage for the corresponding fiberoptic bulb or coupler that

the tubing is connecting to. This feature allows the dentist to switch

from one brand or style of coupler to another without replacing the

fiberoptic lamp control. Voltage range from 2.5 volt to 3.5 volt

provides for the full range of functionality and adaptability.



Variable Time Delay!

With most "Economy" fiberoptics systems once you

let up on the foot pedal the light turns off immediately.

The Vector Vari-Volt system has an adjustable time delay that

keeps the light on after letting up on the foot pedal. This feature

allows the user to explore oral cavity without the danger of an active bur.


Two Tubing Capability!

Separate signal air and electrical connections provide for

functionality for up to two fiberoptic tubings off one lamp control.

Vector Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Lamp Control and Accessories

Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Control
Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Tubing
Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Tubing
Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Control

Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Control

True variable voltage allows the user to adjust the power output to match the manufacturer recommended voltage. Adjustable time delay keeps the light on after letting up on the foot pedal keeping the oral cavity lit without an active bur. Applies power to two fiberoptic tubings independently.


Set Package:

110 volt power supply, control box



Power Transformer Only



6 pin tubing - Tan


Vari-Volt Fiberoptic Tubing

Ultra soft and supple, outer silicon sheathing with individual internal tubes make this tubing far more soft and flexiable than other vinyl or poly vinyl tubings. Upgrade for less!


6 pin tubing - Grey




Complete Fiberoptic

System Package

Power Supply, Control Box and Tubing!



Special Price Only $265.50




Complete System just choose your 6 pin swivel!


Easy to install!

(6 pin coupler sold seperately)




Vari-Volt Plug

Vector Vari-Volt Fiberoptic System and Tubing

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