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 Quazar - Q - Light:


Finally, one curing light to curing

everything in everyway possible. This

curing light cures from the 385 to 515 nm

range, with peak curing at 405 / 440 / 465 nm and

up to 3,000 mW/cm2. Machined out of a solid block of

billet aluminum, unique ergonomic design will not roll off

counter or trays. Unit also has a built in Plaque detection mode and included filter. See the amazing range this light can cure below. Head rotates 180 degrees for easy access and controls are super easy to use. Battery is easily replaceable in office. If you like the Valo, but want a light with more features at half the price! Quazar is your new light!

Product Features

13 programable curing modes

Swivel head design

Plaque Detection Mode

Vector Quazar Curing Light

 Includes: Light, Charging Base, Power   Adapter, Light Shield, Plaque Detection   Paddle, Hygiene Shield Pack.


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