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 Lab Motor & Handpiece Systems:


Electric Lab Handpiece Set

3 Sets to choose from!

Mega-Torque Electric Lab Handpiece Vector Brush



  • High Quality, Modern, Durable Control Box


  • Deluxe High-Torque 0 - 35,000 rpm Lab Handpiece


  • Variable Speed Foot Pedal Included!

Black Max

Brushless Lab Handpiece System

Vector Black Max Brushless Electric Lab Handpiece

Recommended for Commercial Dental Labs or Dentists who are wanting to upgrade to a "Commercial" Quality Unit

The Black Max brushless system is a high-performance, high-torque, high-speed (50,000 rpm) dental laboratory handpiece system. This motor is perfect for the commercial dental labratory or the dentist's who is looking to upgrade to a "commerical" quality unit.

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