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Choose from our 3 different series of highspeeds:

Vector Velocity Extreme


Setting a new standard in "German Made" highspeed dental handpieces!


A new standard in sound reduction!

At only 55db - forget other air-driven highspeeds - the Velocity Extreme matches the noise level of many electric highspeeds.


A new standard in power!

Over 22 wats of power is produced making the Velocity Extreme one of the most powerful handpieces on the market.


A new standard in value!

Comare initial cost plus maintenance and service costs to the national brands and you will find Vector is in a class by itself.


A new standard in durability!

Exclusive! ENDURO-Silencer turbines completely redesigned for optimal power and near silenct performance! Computer balanced for concentricity. Sealed ceramic bearings for extra long, extra quiet durability! New POSI-GRIP push button autochuck - hold stronger - for longer! STOPS BUR SLIPPAGE!


A new standard in versatility!

Velocity Extreme Handpieces are available in 3 of the most popular swivel coupler configurations KAVO, ADEC/W&H and NSK style couplers! UPGRADE from any of these swivel coupler styles without changing your tubing connections.

Vector Highspeed VX9 VX10 Velocity Extreme Handpiece Drill
Vector F-Series Highspeed Handpiece Drill Midwest Quiet Air Tradition XGT
Vector F-Series


Upgrade to Value!


Whether you are looking to replace your Midwest Quiet Air or Tradition highspeeds or older KAVO models like the 640B or the 642B, the Vector F-series is a great choice!


Traditional styling, grip and feel make for a seamless and easy transition. Direct connection to KaVo Multiflex couplers or 4 hole tubings make integrating Vector into your practice easy and painless!



     the F5 to the Midwest Quiet-Air

     the F4 to the Midwest Tradition


Dentists using a canister highspeed like the Schein Master, Athena/Champion or Alpha-Air highspeeds, will notice increased durability and improved cutting efficiency as well as reduced noise and vibration.

Vector Highspeed Drill Midwest Tradition Quiet-Air XGT
Vector Alpha Air Highspeed Economy Economical Drill


Super economical and value priced highspeed! Accepts standard canister turbines. Quiet, light weight and fully autoclavable. 400,000rpm. Available in standard bur tool type or with push button autochuck bur release. Compare to "house brand" highspeeds like Darby, Schein and Patterson and save!  90 Day Warranty.


Need some back-up handpieces incase one goes down?

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