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Vector Duo Amalgamator

 Amalgamator - Dual Frequency:


DUO Amalgamator

Vector Duo Amalgamator

Dual Speed Digital Amalgamator










      Basic simple controls, quiet operation.


VR-A-VS100 ........... $243.00



Digital Dual Speed Control:

Dual speed adjustment allows user greater flexibility with concern to firmness, wetness of mix as well as broadening the scope of materials the amalgamator is able to mix.

Highspeed - 4,500 osc./sec.,  Lowspeed - 4,000 osc./sec.


Digital Time Control:

Set the time digitally from 1-99 seconds. Auto stop at desired time with digital countdown timer.


Time and Speed Memory:

On-board memory allows the user to turn the main power switch off without having to reset the last time and speed setting when the unit is powered back on.


Safety Door Switch:

Save your fingers!  Unit stops oscillation when the door is opened saving you from reaching in on an active, moving capsule.

The GET-THE-JOB-DONE Amalgamator


"Customers kept asking me for a decent-quality-low-cost, amalgamator to keep in the back room of their office so they would have the capability of doing an amalgam restoration when they had to. This is the perfect amalgamator for the practice that doesn't do a lot of amalgams but needs a quiet, versatile, and easy to use unit for that increasingly rare time when only an amalgam will do.


The Vector Duo Amalgamator is a great low-cost, quiet and versatile backup or back-room amalgamator for those practices primarily doing composite restorations."  


- Brent Bigler, President Vector R&D, Inc.

Vector Duo Amalgamator


(Old Model)

New Model!

Vector Duo Amalgamator

Clear Plastic Cover - Old Model











VR-A-100CV ........... $27.00

Vector Duo Amalgamator

Replacement Arms- Old Model











VR-A-100AR ........... $18.00

Vector Duo Amalgamator

Plastic Arm Holders- Old Model











VR-A-100AP ........... $18.00

Arm Springs (2 set)- Old Model











VR-A-100AS ............. $9.00

Vector Duo Amalgamator

Motor Base Springs (4 set) -

Old Model










VR-A-100BS ........... $13.50

Vector Duo Amalgamator
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